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Written by Walt Meyer

How to Update Your Kitchen Electrically – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, kitchen design has evolved a lot the past 100 years. These days our kitchens are also living spaces that can be updated by electrical services. Part 2 will cover updating the lighting of your upgraded kitchen. Work with a licensed and experienced electrician to get the best results for your project.

Overview of Kitchen Lighting

A lighting upgrade can not only improve a kitchen’s functionality, but also make it more beautiful. A study found that more than half of kitchen renovations will feature the following three basic kinds of lighting:

Accent – Lights placed beneath kitchen cabinets can also be installed to highlight them for visual flair.

Ambient – Examples are track lighting, chandeliers, and recessed lights.

Task – Locations for food preparation can be illuminated with pendant lights or lights underneath cabinets.

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Perhaps the upgrade that has gained the most traction lately is energy-efficient recessed lighting, which come in 4-inch and 6-inch sizes and can be fitted with either a halogen or CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb. They are superior to standard lighting in terms of aesthetics and will beautify your kitchen.

For lighting beneath cabinets, lights that feature xenon technology are now the top purchase for kitchen upgrades. In terms of task lighting, xenon lighting is more effective and can also highlight the unique features of countertop surfaces. Other dramatic uses for xenon lights include installing them as toe-kick lighting or over cabinets.

Installing pendant lighting is another terrific way for adding personality to your kitchen. They are primarily used for task lighting, so installing them over the bar and sink areas will artfully define both areas.

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