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Written by Walt Meyer

Install Your Standby Generator Before Winter 2018

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), there are signs the Mid-Atlantic region will experience a snowy and cold 2018-2019 winter due to a potential centrally-based and weak-to-moderate El Nino weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean. Major snow and ice storms occasionally cause extended power outages. As heating systems rely on electricity, your home will become uncomfortably cold in freezing temperatures. Moreover, water pipes may freeze and burst, causing flooding and serious damage costing thousands of dollars. 

Portable vs. Standby Generators

Oftentimes homeowners rely on portable generators in an emergency to keep their homes warm when electricity is lost during winter weather. However, a transfer switch is necessary to provide power to furnaces and appliances. In addition, you will have to be home to set them up, turn them on, and provide an ongoing supply of fuel, which may be hazardous.

A home standby generator is far more convenient. It is permanently installed, activates automatically, runs on propane or natural gas, and can function for several days or weeks on its own. In other words, you can be out of town, and your standby generator can automatically turn on and keep running without your help.

Plan Ahead and Install Before Winter

Installing a standby generator can’t be done in 24 hours. There will be local building codes, and getting a permit will be required. Site preparation and several inspections will also be necessary. A homeowner will also need to consult with the gas company to confirm whether or not the existing meter is sufficient for the new generator. If it isn’t, a new one will need to be installed. All the above is easier to perform before winter.

Although standby generator installers work during winter, preparing the site and installing the unit will be harder because of colder weather. This is especially true when local codes call for a poured concrete slab for the foundation or the condition of the soil makes this necessary. Digging frozen ground to uncover cable and gas pipes will also be more difficult.

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