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Written by Walt Meyer

Keeping Seniors Electrically Safe at Home – Part 1

The probability of electrical accidents at home for the elderly is higher because so many live in older or low-quality housing equipped with outdated or faulty electrical systems and appliances. Living spaces like these can be hazardous because they do not comply with electrical safety standards. They often do not have life-saving electrical features like PVC wiring, circuit breakers, or a modern electrical panel.

The likelihood of accidents is also increased if the senior has a condition that affects mobility and memory, such as Parkinson’s or dementia. If you are concerned about the safety of a senior citizen at home, consider the following items: 

Fuse Box or Circuit Breaker Panel

If a home’s fuses frequently blow or circuit breakers repeatedly trip, contact a licensed electrician and have your fuse box or circuit breaker panel inspected as soon as possible. Either problem may lead to a deadly electrical fire.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

A GFCI is a circuit breaker designed to shut off electric power within 1/40th of a second when a ground fault occurs. Receptacle type outlets incorporate the GFCI and are essential for safety in places where water is present, like the kitchen or bathroom.

Power Cords

Power cords and plugs should be in good condition, showing no signs of damage or excessive wear and tear. Wires should be completely enclosed within its PVC sheath. A three-pin plug should have its grounding pin intact and not modified.

Safety Inspection

If a home is 50 years old or more, it should have a safety inspection performed by an electrician regularly. Typical code violations in older homes are damaged wiring, overloaded circuits, faulty breaker panels, improperly sized wiring, and poor electrical connections. Wiring problems are the main causes of fire or electrocution.

Electrical Safety Foundation International Safety Guide for Seniors


Part 2 will discuss assistive technology, heating safety, and smoke alarms.

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