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Written by Walt Meyer

Benefit From Installing a Standby Generator Before Winter – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the installation of a standby generator at your home will prevent most of the inconveniences and dangers resulting from losing electricity during the colder months. Part 2 will discuss several more benefits from installing a standby generator before winter.



Peace of Mind – This is priceless. If you have a family member with a health condition who depends on a medical device needing electricity, you can rest assured the device will keep running during a power outage if you have a standby generator. The same thing applies for a loved one who needs a mobility aid requiring electrical power to move around safely. In addition, wired fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors will also keep functioning.


Crime Deterrence – Criminals are tempted to take advantage of a dark home. The security measures you have in place like outdoor lighting, motion-activated lights, and burglar alarms will keep running during a power outage if you have a standby generator installed.


Safety – Losing power will make your home much less safe, especially at night. Imagine your loved ones trying to navigate a set of stairs or entering a bathroom in the dark. Moving around at night on icy or slippery walkways will also be hazardous without exterior lighting.


Prevent Losses – Damage to furniture and belongings often result from power outages. As mentioned in Part 1, a sump pump that has no electricity will be unable to protect your basement from flooding. Water freezing in pipes can cause them to burst, with the results costing thousands of dollars in losses.


Save Money by Staying Home – A power outage during freezing weather will make your home unsafe and uncomfortable unless you have a standby generator ready to provide electricity for your lighting and heating system. Without heating you will have to book rooms for you and your family to stay in until utility power is restored.


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