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Benefit From Installing a Standby Generator Before Winter – Part 1

Winters can bring extreme weather that puts stress on the electrical grid of your area. Heavy ice and snow brought by storms and freezing temperatures can bring down power lines, causing long power outages. Fortunately, installing a standby generator in your home will prevent most of the inconveniences and dangers resulting from losing electricity during the colder months.


Standby Generator Basics


If utility power is lost, you will not know when service will be restored. A standby generator eliminates this uncertainty by being ready when your power station goes down. It will detect when electricity from the grid has been cut and begin generating power for your home within seconds. A well-maintained standby generator is capable of operating nonstop for several days without needing to be refueled.  


Winter Benefits


Heating Maintained – The installation of a standby generator will help ensure your furnace keeps running and heating your house, keeping your family warm and comfortable. If the temperature is freezing or below, your home will soon feel like a freezer without heating. A fireplace will keep the room that it’s in warm, but the rest of your home will be unheated.


Essential Appliances Keep Running – Without electricity, food and beverages stored in the refrigerator will eventually spoil. You may have to drive to the supermarket in the middle of a snowstorm to ensure there’s enough to eat. A sump pump also needs a consistent source of electricity to keep running to prevent a basement from flooding. A standby generator of the proper size will ensure all your home’s essential appliances keep running.


Automatic Transfer Switch – In contrast to portable backup generators that must be started manually, a permanent home standby backup generator will activate automatically when electricity from the utility is lost. This feature would be especially helpful if you are away from home when there is a power outage. A standby generator will also deactivate on its own once power from the utility is restored. Its automatic transfer switch will handle the transition safely.


Part 2 will discuss several more benefits from installing a standby generator before winter.


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