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Top Electrical Safety Tips for the Seniors You Love – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss more safety tips for the seniors you love.

4) Safer Kitchen

The kitchen is the most hazardous area for most homes, where accidents are most likely to occur. Automatic shut-off features for appliances like kettles, irons, and toasters will decrease the risk of electrical fire for the elderly using them.

You should also consider replacing old kitchen appliances with new, safer, and more power-efficient models. Electrical appliances and devices will gradually degrade over time, possibly making them unsafe to use.

5) Smoke Alarms

Home fires are most fatal when residents are asleep. Breathing smoke can make people less likely to wake up during a fire, making smoke alarms critical for saving lives.  

Ensure safety for elderly residents living alone by installing alarms inside their bedrooms and the most frequently used home areas, like the living room.

Seniors whose hearing is diminished will be safer with smoke alarms equipped with a flashing light or vibrating feature so they can be warned in the event of a fire.

6) Electricity and Water Do Not Mix

Ensure that appliances and electrical devices are not located near sources of water. This will prevent electrical shock when seniors are using those devices. Regarding water, the main electrical danger areas at home are bathrooms and kitchens. However, also be aware of aquariums, potted plants, pools, and water fountains. 

7) Safe Electrical Outlets

Whether you have children or elderly adults living at home, you should consider installing tamper-resistant electrical outlets. This important safety feature helps prevent electrical shocks and electrical fires.

Homeowners should inspect their outlets regularly to ensure they are properly equipped with shielding faceplates, that they feel cool to the touch, that they do not have scorch marks, and that they don’t emit sparks when they are being used. 

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