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Top Electrical Safety Tips for the Seniors You Love – Part 1

Just one electrical spark can lead to a fire, which is why electrical safety is crucial. Using extension cords, light bulbs, and electrical appliances safely isn’t that difficult. The following discusses home safety tips for the seniors you love.

1) Electrical Cords

Using frayed or damaged electrical cords is a major electrical hazard that can cause fires or shocks. Every power and extension cord should be checked regularly for cracks or defects and replaced promptly if necessary.

Removing wires behind furniture or under the carpet is not safe. Furniture can damage the insulation of cords, and wires under the carpet can overheat.

Extension cords should only be used temporarily. It would be best if you made your home safer by asking a licensed electrician to install additional electrical outlets that can easily access by the elderly.

2) Improve Lighting

Inadequate lighting can raise the risk of seniors falling in your home. As we age, our eyesight begins to fail. We need to keep this in mind for the elderly. Ensure adequate light in crucial areas such as bathrooms, corridors, and stairways. This also applies to walkways outdoors.

One easy way to improve lighting is by replacing regular incandescent light bulbs with LEDs. You will make those areas brighter while decreasing your electrical consumption. You can also discuss adding lighting in the crucial areas listed above to increase safety for the elderly.

3) Unplug Electrical Appliances

An important electricity safety rule is unplugging appliances when they are not being used. Not only does this save money by decreasing power use, but it also improves electrical safety. When unused appliances are unplugged, they avoid the risk of overheating.

Think also about equipping the electrical cords of appliances, computers, and electronics with smart plugs, which allows for setting schedules for when they draw power. They make it much easier for seniors to cut their utility bills and improve their safety.

Part 2 will discuss more safety tips for seniors.

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