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Written by Walt Meyer

Today’s Smart Homes Need Stronger Structured Wiring

Wireless connectivity is attaining greater and greater speeds, and your home will require structured wiring to be properly installed for greater bandwidth, stronger internet security, and many other IT benefits.

Even though it appears the world is becoming totally wireless, high-quality cabling remains an important feature of modern homes. The following will discuss the key reasons why.

Strong Digital Backbone

The wiring infrastructure of a modern home needs a strong digital backbone capable of supporting a variety of technologies. Low-voltage cabling can speedily deliver audio/video, communications, data, environmental, and security transmissions to various devices throughout a home accurately and reliably. Structured wiring provides all the required connections of a home’s tech systems, serving as its electronic nervous system.

Wireless Limitations

The development of wireless networking was intended to provide a communications platform for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It provides flexibility and convenience for networking, but the rapidly growing number of wireless devices in today’s homes is congesting the available bandwidth.

Although a high-performance wireless network can work reasonably well, Wi-Fi has important limitations that can lead to problems like slow video downloads and uploads, spotty internet access, and video playback buffering. This can result in disrupted transmissions or even device crashes. 

Building a Better Network

Properly prewiring or upgrading a home with Cat6a or better cabling will give it a multi-purpose 10G network that is fast and reliable. Transmissions will typically not be affected by traffic bottlenecks, slow delivery, or other disruptive connectivity issues.

Downloading high-res 4K videos to entertainment centers and computers can be done fast and without any picture degradation. Several family members in your home will be able to simultaneously stream audio and visual content via the internet without encountering issues like latency.

A 10G network will be future-proofed for about 15 to 20 years when upgrading to fiber optic cabling might be needed to cope with the immense growth of data anticipated over time.

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