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Written by Walt Meyer

Surge Protection for Hotels & Motels – Part 3

As covered by Part 2, every guest facility depends on modern electrical equipment, which can be degraded or damaged by power surges. Closures can occur without solid surge protection.

Part 3 will discuss Surge Suppression Equipment, Choosing Devices, and Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Surge Suppression Equipment

Surge suppression devices block or divert voltages more than a safe level. They divert surges at several points within an electrical system using staged, cascaded or layered configurations.

Surge suppressors should be installed at points where electrical power enters a guest facility, providing the first defensive shield from externally generated surges. They protect against grid switching, lightning strikes, power system issues, severe weather, and surrounding facilities.

The second defensive shield comprises surge suppressors installed at the distribution panel, which handles power distribution for a hotel or motel. They safeguard guest facilities from medium to high external or internal power surges.

Surge suppression devices installed at branch panels will protect against low-level surges generated by load equipment, including office equipment, industrial systems, and lighting controls. Sensitive equipment and specific circuits can be vulnerable and need individual protection against low-level surges.

Choosing Devices

Buy devices described as a “Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor” comply with the minimum standard of UL 1449, feature a light indicating proper functioning, and offer a response within one nanosecond.

Joules value indicates how much power a surge suppressor can dissipate. This value can range from 200 to several thousand. The larger the Joules value, the greater the protection a device can provide.

Clamping voltage indicates when a suppression device conducts electricity to the ground. The typical rating is 330 volts, so don’t buy a surge suppressor for over 400 volts.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) immediately provides backup emergency electrical power when a power source fails, protecting electrical equipment from power interruptions. This allows sensitive equipment like personal computers to be shut down properly. This also will enable documents being worked on to be saved, preventing the loss of time, effort, and data by the sudden loss of electricity.

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