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Surge Protection for Hotels & Motels – Part 2

As covered by Part 1, brief and sudden electrical changes in a circuit, power, or voltage surges are short bursts of energy that can damage electronic or electrical equipment. Part 2 will discuss Part 2 will cover Guest Facilities at Risk, Protections From Power Surges, and How to Minimize Disruptions.

Guest Facilities at Risk

Every hotel or motel depends on modern electrical equipment, which can be degraded or damaged by surges. Economic losses and closure can result without installing proper protection. Guest facilities located in areas with poor local utilities or located in areas where lightning strikes are frequent are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of power surges.

Protections From Power Surges

Hotels and motels, large and small, should be aware of the risk of power surges and the benefits of surge protection. In addition, each will have its technical requirements. Working with a licensed electrician who installs modern surge protection equipment will give you the best results. The following summarizes best practices for guest facilities.

  • Make sure systems share a common ground, and their facility access is spaced a few feet from each other.
  • Install surge protectors at the distribution panels to protect against surges generated by HVAC systems, high-power motors, welding equipment, etc.
  • Low voltage cables and communication lines should be installed at right angles and a safe distance from power cables.
  • Sensitive equipment and communication lines require surge protection.
  • Surge protection must be installed to protect electrical infrastructure and equipment from external power sources.

How to Minimize Disruptions

Minimizing power disruptions is a solid best practice for hotels and motels. Every guest facility’s electrical system must have proper grounding as required by the NEC (National Electrical Code).

Every cable, telephone, and satellite wire needs to be connected to an identical grounding point. Structured cabling has to be installed at a safe distance from power lines that sometimes generate harmful surges. Telecommunications areas need a wiring scheme to minimize electrical surges and electromagnetic disturbances.

Part 3 will discuss Surge Suppression Equipment, Choosing Devices, and Uninterruptible Power Supply.

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