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Written by Walt Meyer

Spring for Heated Floor Luxury at Your Home – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss Electric & Hydronic Pros and Cons and Advantages & Disadvantages of Heated Floors.

Electric System Pros & Cons

Pros – Electric systems are relatively easy to install and are ideal for a home’s smaller areas and rooms. They are more affordable than a hydronic system. Electric heating is terrific under natural stone or tile floors and takes only about 30 minutes to reach the  desired temperature. This system needs very little maintenance after installation.

Cons – Typically not used for an entire home, but for smaller areas like bathrooms.

Hydronic System Pros & Cons

Pros – Hydronic systems are more energy efficient than electric systems for heating larger areas, such as an entire home. If properly maintained, they have service lives of several decades.

Cons – Attaining desired temperature can take as long as two hours. A hydronic system installation is quite complex and will cost more than an electric system. The water boiler and other system equipment will regular maintenance.

Advantages of Heated Flooring

The temperatures of a heated floor space are much more uniform than forced air heating systems. It is more durable than conventional heating. Most heated floor systems provide up to a 25-year warranty.

Unlike furnaces and other forced air heating systems, radiant floor heating is noise free. It is also up to 25% more energy efficient. This is especially true with a programmable thermostat. An installation will raise your home’s resale value as it is a popular luxury.

Disadvantages of Heated Flooring

Unless the installation is done during the construction process, homeowners will have to replace their flooring. Tile is the best choice as it conducts heat well and will help attain desired temperatures faster. However, you can opt for hardwood, laminate, or vinyl plank instead.

As it requires installation above the subfloor, radiant systems will add from 1/2″ to 1″ in height to your floor. Thus, doors may have to be adjusted slightly.

Although the upfront cost can be expensive, the investment in an installation will gradually be recouped over time from savings in energy efficiency.

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