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Written by Walt Meyer

Spring for Heated Floor Luxury at Your Home – Part 1

Heated flooring is one of the most desired luxury additions installed during a renovation. Once only for bathrooms, they are now installed in bedrooms, kitchens, and other rooms of the home.

How did heated flooring get started? Well, many centuries ago ancient Romans ran flues from fires burning underneath elevated marble floors in order to keep their feet warm in bath houses. In the U.S., world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright introduced the radiant heating concept in the early 20th century by burying copper pipes under the floors of his home and pumping hot water through them.

Feeling a warm floor under your feet is a luxurious sensation, and this is especially true during chilly mornings. Imagine waking up to this comfort when it is the coldest day of winter. Everyone in your family will love this new luxury, including your pets who will start sleeping on the floor instead of in your bed.

Basics of Heated Flooring

Standard heating appliances like gas furnaces warm air, which is then pushed through the vents in your home. The distance you are from a vent will determine the warmth you feel. In contrast, heated floors will warm your body directly.

Radiant floor heating is most often deployed when a new home is being built. A radiant system is typically used as the main heating source for a whole home. This will allow you to easily control your home’s temperature and save on utility bills. There are two approaches in radiant floor heating – hydronic and electric.

Hydronic floor heating is a hot water based system. A hydronic system utilizes hot water pumped through plastic tubing placed underneath the floors. This approach will require a gas line, boiler, and pumps. Electric floor heating utilizes electrically heated cables that are woven in a pattern beneath the floor’s surface.

Safety First

Every electric floor heating project will require securing a permit. Working with a licensed electrician will ensure that this is done properly. An inspection will also be required once the project is completed.

Part 2 will discuss Electric & Hydronic Pros and Cons and Advantages & Disadvantages of Heated Floors.

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