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Written by Walt Meyer

Liven Up Your Home’s Outdoor Lighting This Spring – Part 2

We have left the coldness and isolation of winter behind for the warmth and friendliness of spring. The season will let us enjoy the exterior areas of our home. Part 2 will cover more ways to liven up your home’s outdoor lighting this spring.

Front Yards

Use landscape lighting to create a safe walkway to your home. It can also illuminate potential obstacles like fences and trees to promote safety. Consider decorating shrubbery and bushes with string lighting to make them stand out in the darkness and create beauty. As landscape lighting approaches your house, transition to pole lamps to climax the journey to your door with a flourish.


Gazebos is a places where you can find refuge in your garden. You can use it at night by adding lanterns and string lights. Be creative and let your personality speak by using colors. In addition, installing a flood light outside the gazebo will brighten the entrance to promote safety.


Your garden’s design will determine the appropriate selection of fixtures for lighting its area. Highlight architectural features, interesting plants, trees, and statues in or next to the garden using spotlighting.

Picture your garden lit up by beautiful lanterns on a beautiful spring night. Line your garden’s walkways with hanging electric lanterns to promote safety and beautify paths. Outdoor lanterns come in a great variety of designs and styles, and you should be able to find a combination that provides the best aesthetic fit for your garden.

Once outdoor lanterns are professionally installed, their maintenance will be typically easy if you use LED light bulbs with long service lives.


Use landscape lighting to illuminate the borders of your backyard. This will establish its area at night, promoting safety and security. Landscape lighting can also light walkways, so visitors can safely visit the gazebo or the garden.

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