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The Basics of Whole Home Surge Protection – Part 1

As electronics inside homes grow in number and cost, the need for adequate whole-home surge protection has also risen. You may not know that the most significant power surges originate inside your home. Thunderstorms or utility issues do not always cause them—a power surge results whenever the voltage surpasses the typical flow of electricity.

Surges are different from power spikes because the increase of uninterrupted voltage may last longer than a few seconds. A high rise in voltage may cause much damage to expensive appliances, computers, and electronics and even start a fire. Thus, prevention is the key to ensuring your family and home remain safe.

If you plan an electrical wiring upgrade, surge suppression should also be considered for your home. Cheap plug-in surge suppressors provide a bit of protection. However, they can only be considered an extra layer supporting a whole home surge protection system.

Modern electronic devices are growing in number, and their microprocessors and circuitry are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Although a power surge typically lasts only a few millionths of a second, it is capable of causing permanent damage to unprotected electronics.

Causes of Power Surges

A power surge can be caused by external sources, such as a lightning strike or a voltage spike, because of a significant event on the utility grid. One common occurrence that can lead to a power surge is when utility power is suddenly restored after a blackout.

Regarding the interior of your home, a power surge can be caused by a significant appliance that draws a large amount of amperage whenever it is turned on or when there is a short circuit. This makes it necessary to employ a two-tiered approach to be effective.

In contrast to what most believe, up to 80% of surges originate inside your house. Below lists the common causes of power surges that can strike your home.

  • Circuit breakers tripping and short circuits
  • Defective or outdated wiring
  • Lightning strikes
  • Normally operating electrical appliances and equipment
  • Utility power line surges

Part 2 will cover the Effectiveness of Whole Home Surge Protection and Types of Surge Protection.

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