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Written by Walt Meyer

Key Electrical Upgrades for Your Home Remodel – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss more key electrical upgrades during a home remodel.

Features for Smart Homes

Adding smart home features during a remodel is an upgrade that will make life easier. Automating your home’s temperature and lighting and being able to adjust them via remote control are what you should expect from a modern 21st century home.

The remote control will usually be an application that you’ve downloaded onto your smartphone. You can make thermostat adjustments when away from home, along with activating your HVAC system remotely. You can also program lights to turn and off at preset times.

Smart home features can also include remote controlled drapes and blinds, fire alarms, refrigerators that provide shopping reminders, sensors, security alarms, and video surveillance systems.

Replacing Receptacles & Adding Outlets

As mentioned before, remodeling may require upgrading the electrical system of your house, including adding additional receptacles. Used by larger appliances that require a greater amount of electricity, specialized receptacles are designed to provide electricity efficiently and safely.

Many older homes tend to have an inadequate number of outlets. As a result, homeowners overly rely on extension cords and power strips to deliver electricity to certain areas of their house. Unfortunately, this compromises safety and increases the risk of electrical fire. A safer approach is hiring a licensed electrician to install additional outlets during a remodel.

Adequate Power

The individual electrical consumption of different types of rooms in a home can vary widely. For example, a kitchen will use much more electricity than a child’s bedroom. When your home is being remodeled, an important consideration is the power needed by the new addition(s).

Having your licensed electrician perform an electrical evaluation of the remodeling project will help ensure the new room(s) will have adequate power as the necessary electrical work, like a heavy-up, will be performed during the process.

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