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Written by Walt Meyer

Key Electrical Upgrades for Your Home Remodel – Part 1

Are you planning to remodel your home? Why not also perform needed electrical upgrades? The majority of houses constructed more than 35 years ago are unable to handle modern electrical demands. When walls are being torn down, it’s the perfect opportunity to replace outdated wiring. Remodels often add new areas and rooms to a home, increasing demand for power. The following will discuss electrical upgrades homeowners should consider during remodeling.

Rewiring & Rerouting

A renovation typically involves expanding a room and making changes as to how furniture or appliances will be arranged. For example, you may choose to transform your traditional kitchen setup to one that has an open plan. As determined by the available space, you might decide to create a kitchen island, pantry, or storage room.

You have the freedom to choose your new kitchen’s look. However, your home’s existing electrical system may not be capable of handling the additional electrical load.  It is easier to have an electrician perform the rewiring during the remodeling process. Aside from being more efficient, it will usually save time and be less expensive.

Modern Lighting Features

Installing modern lighting fixtures and features is a remodeling upgrade that will enhance the lifestyle of your home. Homeowners who enjoy hosting guests are aware how lighting can create the right ambiance and mood for an event such as a dinner party. Although it is important to get the right type of lighting, installing modern lighting devices will give you more control. Options include dimmers, multi-locations, remote control, and 3-way and 4-way switches.

Heavy-Up for Older Home

An electrical panel upgrade or heavy-up is often needed by an older home being remodeled. The addition of one or more rooms will increase the electrical demand and an older electrical infrastructure may not be able to handle the increased load, increasing the risk of fire.

The number of electrical devices has also risen. Along with the rapidly growing number of computers and mobile devices, most new American homes are equipped with an air conditioner, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator. A heavy-up for 200 to 400 amps will not only provide the electricity a modern family needs, it will make your home safer.

Part 2 will discuss more key electrical upgrades during a home remodel.

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