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Beautify and Improve the Safety of Your Pool With Lighting – Part 2

Part 2 will cover Above Ground Lighting, Walkways, and Additional Tips.

Above Ground Lighting

You can choose among a variety of lights and fixtures for designing the lighting around your swimming pool. The most effective configuration for pool lighting delivers both beauty and safety.

This is accomplished by installing the right combination of vivid and soft lighting. Vivid lights promote safety by keeping guests aware of a pool’s edges thus preventing accidents. In contrast, soft lights can be used in specific areas to create a peaceful atmosphere for lounging.


A strict safety standard is having proper lighting for all the pool’s walkways. Lights help guests stay aware of a pool’s edges and surfaces. A good lighting design will reduce the risk of slipping on unseen pool toys or falling in accidentally. Pathway lighting must be adequately vivid to promote safety, but not be overpowering or glaring to the eyes.

An appealing design should not be the only feature when you are selecting a lighting fixture for your pool area. Being outdoors, the lighting needs to be durable and have an essential feature like weatherproof housing. A homeowner would be wasting time, effort, and money on the installation of pool lighting if occasional splashes of water or bad weather ruined them after a short time.

Additional Tips

Lighting installed in patios and gazebos and on trees and walls can also be a way to beautify the area around a swimming pool. Potentially dangerous nighttime areas near the pool can be made safer with strategically located lighting fixtures.

Above-ground pool lighting is essential for the safety of swimmers and people moving around your swimming pool after sundown. Make sure there is proper lighting in the most hazardous areas to ensure a safe environment. Steps, ladders, and diving boards can be quite dangerous at night.

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