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Beautify and Improve the Safety of Your Pool With Lighting – Part 1

For many families, their swimming pool is the focus of their homes during the warmer months. That’s where you’ll see smiles and hear laughter all summer long. A good way to maximize the fun is by making the pool area accessible both day and night by having lighting professionally installed.

Having proper lighting in the pool and the area surrounding it allows for safer use when it’s nighttime. You will feel more secure about your family being in the water after sunset. A safe environment promotes having fun. Lighting design can also beautify the pool’s environment. Imagine lights sparkling on the water as different areas of your pool are lit up with various colors.

Below will cover the basics of pool lighting for adding beauty and improving safety. We will cover lighting above-ground and underwater. Work with an experienced licensed electrician for the best results.

Underwater Lighting

Swimming in a dark pool is very dangerous, and doing so can lead to serious injuries and even death. Improve the safety at night by installing underwater lights that lets swimmers see and be seen. Nights will be much safer because this type of lighting raises spatial awareness by letting people see the sides and bottom of a pool, which helps prevent accidents.

Underwater lighting is also a terrific way to beautify your pool’s environment. Light fixtures will then stand out to make a statement or smoothly blend in with the pool’s underwater surfaces. The installation of colored lights can create a playful and joyful atmosphere. They can even be preset or programmed to change. For example, yellow and orange lights will give the water a relaxing and cheerful environment.

Lighting Zones

By using colors, lighting can create different areas inside a pool. Experts typically recommend using complementary colors because each zone will have a greater depth. The contrasts will produce distinct visual experiences. As an example, a specific color can be used for marking a pool’s shallow areas, indicating where children have to stay for safety.

Part 2 will cover Above Ground Lighting, Walkways, and Additional Tips.

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