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Written by Walt Meyer

Protect Your Home by Installing Security Cameras – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, technological advances have resulted in significant advancements in the quality of video cameras, recording capabilities, and the overall affordability of CCTV systems.


A video surveillance system that protects your home is not as expensive and complex as many assume. Easily understandable, the technology is simple for most people to use and quite affordable. Consult with a local licensed electrician who is experienced in CCTV installation for the best results.


Part 2 will cover Reduce Insurance Costs, Cost Effectiveness, and Peace of Mind.


Reduce Insurance Costs


If there is a break-in at your home, you are required to file an insurance claim for theft or vandalism. A video surveillance system will play a great role in supporting your claim because the evidence it provides will be used to help verify the crime and property losses. In some cases, a functioning security system can lead to a 20% savings in monthly insurance premiums.


Cost Effectiveness


An initial affordable outlay should be able to secure a video surveillance system that is configured to meet your home’s security needs. Installing a CCTV system is considered by experts to be a cost-effective approach to home security. This is because the system is typically quite easy to maintain. Having your video cameras cleaned on a regular basis is typically the only maintenance required after the initial installation.


Peace of Mind


Perhaps the most important reason for installing a video surveillance system at your house is getting peace of mind regarding home security. Being reassured about the safety and well-being of your family and property is priceless.


Some of the most sophisticated packages are wireless, allowing you to monitor your home from a tablet or smartphone. By simply pressing a button, you can check on your home and everyone you love.


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