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Written by Walt Meyer

Improving Home Electrical Safety During Summer

An electrical inspection fully checks the wiring and electrical connections in your house. An essential for all households, an electrical inspection ensures the security and safety of everyone living in a home. It should be performed before buying a new home, every 10 years for an owner-occupied home, and after a major electrical project.

Summer Electrical Safety Inspection

If you have children, summertime is more hectic because the children are at home. However, it is also a good time to ensure their safety by having an electrical Inspection. They will also increase your home’s power demand when they’re off from school.

Warmer weather also means that you’ll be using the air conditioning and pool area more often. Electrical problems often arise during periods when more electricity is being consumed because more stress in put onto the system.

Summer Electrical Safety Tips

Children & Water: Make sure to remind kids not to use electronics near or in the water. If they’ve been in the pool or playing in water, tell them they have to dry off first before touching anything electrical.

Gardening & Power Tools: Summer typically means landscaping projects as well as home improvements outdoors. Electrical tools must not be used in bad weather, and they need to be kept away from water when being used. Make sure to plug them only into GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) equipped outlets, which prevent shock and electrocution. If you are in doubt whether your outdoor outlets are protected by GFCI, talk to an electrician about having them installed.

Overloading Circuits: If you are plugging in several small appliances like dehumidifiers and fans to stay cool, be sure not to overload a circuit. Overloading may cause a breaker trip. A faulty circuit breaker failing to trip can overheat wiring and cause a fire.

Relying on Power Strips and Extension Cords: You may be relying on these two things too much for powering all the appliances in a room or area. Too many power strips can overload a circuit. Extension cords can present a tripping hazard. The best thing to do is talk to an licensed electrician about installing additional outlets.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

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