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Written by Walt Meyer

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value with Electrical Upgrades

Having a home with electrical issues or an obsolete electrical system will make it harder to sell when the time comes. Fortunately, you can work with a licensed electrician to install the electrical upgrades that will boost your home’s resale value.

Electrical service firms in your area provide various services to modernize your home’s electrical system. Implementing simple upgrades can play a significant factor in whether a buyer purchases your home. This is because they won’t have to do the work themselves and the house will be in move-in ready condition.

Examples of basic improvements are recessed lighting and ceiling fans. Newly installed, they make an immediate impact on potential buyers. Upgrades that are not instantly visible, such as upgrades of the electrical panel and outlets, will have a positive effect when inspections are performed during the closing.

Attractive Package

Home buyers will always seek bargains when they shop for a home. An attractive package will be a house filled with 21st century features and conveniences. Nowadays, two essential elements are a modern electrical system and structured cabling.

No one wants to purchase a house has an outdated electrical panel or bad Wi-Fi. When there are shortcomings like these, real estate agents will recommend making a lower offer for the home. This can play a significant role in either selling at a profit or a loss.

Signs of Issues

Dimming lights and buzzing circuits are two examples of issues that will drive away potential home buyers. Does your electrical panel provide the modern minimum of 200-amp service? Homes that have this are much more saleable because buyers will know it will meet current needs. Another problem is an inadequate number of electrical outlets, which will make living in the home inconvenient and not as safe because people will have to turn to extension cords and power strips.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

Founded in 1991 and serving Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., where we are licensed and insured, Meyer Electrical Services provides home and commercial electrical services you can trust, including:

• Standby Generator Installation
• Panel Upgrades (Heavy-Ups)
• Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
• Structured Cabling
• Circuit Breaker Replacement

Based in Bethesda, our team proudly serves all of Montgomery County. Receive a free consultation for custom electrical work today by calling (301) 941-1400.