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Written by Walt Meyer

Protecting the Seniors We Love From Power Outages

The parents and grandparents we love who are post-World War II Baby Boomers are now retiring or are well into their retirement years. These proud senior citizens love their independence and dislike depending on others.

An increasing number of senior citizens are making the choice of living independently in their own homes so that they remain in familiar surroundings. However, this causes us some concerns for their health and safety as they age. Many of the elderly rely on life-sustaining medical devices or mobility equipment as listed below.

  • Suction and oxygen therapy machines

  • Kidney dialysis machines

  • Respirators and ventilators

  • Electric wheelchairs or scooters

A natural or manmade disaster can knock out electricity for several days or longer. Long power outages can be life-threatening for seniors who have assisted medical requirements. In addition, an elderly person who can’t see inside a dark home may have a bad fall that may require hospitalization. They are also at risk when heating and cooling systems are not functioning to regulate the temperatures in their homes.

Standby Generator Solution

A modern standby generator can detect a power outage and activate automatically within several seconds. Once utility service is cut, an automatic transfer switch activates the generator and transfers the power it generates to the electrical panel of the home. As a result, you do not have to do anything once it starts running. In addition to medical and mobility devices, the essentials of lighting, cooling, heating, and refrigeration will keep running when the power is cut.

Typically, a standby generator is fueled by the home’s supply of natural gas and can run continuously for about a week. This means a senior resident won’t have to walk outside in the middle of a storm to refuel a generator. When power from the utility is restored, the transfer switch shuts down the generator and reconnects utility power to the home’s electrical panel automatically.

Consult with an electrician experienced in installing standby generators in order to choose a unit that will be able to provide your home with adequate electricity during a power outage. Making the right selection will allow you and your family to have all the electricity you need before the utility restores power.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

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