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Written by Walt Meyer

Integrating Your Home’s Lighting Controls

Integrating the electrical and lighting systems of your home will allow for automating, controlling, and monitoring every area’s lighting system. A good design will increase convenience, energy efficiency, safety, and security, as well as improve the aesthetics and ambience of your residence. Consult with an experienced and licensed electrician for the installation of a universal lighting control system to get the best results.

Various Controls

The controls that allow customized integration of lighting fixtures are switches, motors, dimmers, and relays. Multiple obtrusive light switches can be replaced by one efficient and sophisticated keypad. Floor and table lamps can also be controlled by being plugged into an electrical outlet that is integrated with other lighting fixtures intended for a specific area.

The capability of controlling every lighting source, electric or solar, is available through several solutions. Discrete control and dimmers are for electric light, while motorized shades and window coverings are for solar light. The latter are especially helpful for inaccessible windows and shades, which can be raised or lowered with a keypad by people with physical limitations.

When every light source is controllable, brightness and darkness levels for every area can be accomplished easily and automatically. As a result, homes and offices have improved climate control, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Programmable Control

A single button can control multiple lights preprogrammed at the levels desired for a specific area. Motorized shades and windows can also be programmed for a particular space.

For exteriors, lighting can be automatically automated with sensors for sidewalks and entryways when darkness falls to promote safety and security. Programmed night lighting can also accentuate architectural features, landscaping, and statues.

Programming can also be done for the periods of time when residents are home or away to discourage intruders. Activation can be controlled via a smart phone, tablet, or other remote control device.

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