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Written by Walt Meyer

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Basics – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, the most widely used type of radiant heating is the electrical system, where a mesh of wires or loops of single wires are installed across the entire area beneath a floor. Part 2 will cover Advantages & Disadvantages and Expenses.


• Can retain heat for extended periods of time after being turned off.

• Subtle method of floor heating because at the right temperature it is difficult to detect radiant heating is functioning.

• Can slash overall heating costs because the HVAC system will not have to work as much, and is more efficient than space heaters.

• Perfect for being used beneath naturally cool, hard surfaces like stone or tile.

• Installation is easier when used for remodeling projects.


• Retroactive installations can be very difficult. Much easier when performed during construction or remodeling.

• Effective for warming only floor surfaces as opposed to whole rooms.

• If used for entire home, electrical radiant systems are more costly than warm water radiant heating.

• When wires or other components are faulty, repairing can be very difficult.

• Effectiveness significantly decreased beneath hardwood, carpeting, or vinyl because heat will be trapped.


Homeowners should conservatively anticipate expenses at a minimum of $10 to $12 per square foot for materials only. Professional installations, including materials, will average $16 per square foot.

Although utility bills will depend on the location of a home, daily operating costs of about 50¢ to $1 for an 80-square-foot (10’ x 8’) bathroom should be expected for an electric radiant heating system. If operations are limited to only 8 hours per day, expenses will range from 20¢ to 35¢ daily for an 80-square-foot (10’ x 8’) bathroom.

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