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Written by Walt Meyer

The Essential Guide to Electrical Heavy-Up Process by Meyer Electrical Services, Inc.

Homeowners and businesses often face a dilemma when their electrical systems no longer meet their growing needs. It’s a common problem that requires a heavy-up, a comprehensive electrical upgrade. However, not everyone is familiar with this process. Fortunately, Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. has established itself as a trusted solution provider in Bethesda, MD, to guide you through every step.

What is an Electrical Heavy-Up?

A heavy-up involves upgrading your electrical panel to provide more capacity. Whether adding new appliances, renovating, or dealing with constant circuit breakages, this upgrade ensures your electrical system remains efficient, safe, and can handle additional demand.

Signs You Need a Heavy-Up:

  1. Lack of Space: If you can’t add or change circuitry because your panel is full.
  2. Increased Demand: When a new appliance or device needs more amperage than your current panel can provide.
  3. Constant Circuit Tripping: Circuits keep tripping due to overloading, with no room left to manage the load.
  4. Renovations on the Horizon: Any plans to remodel or expand will likely need a higher service line.

Why Choose Meyer Electrical Services, Inc.?

Not only does Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. prioritize quality by installing esteemed brands like Cutler Hammer panel boards and circuit breakers, but it also offers a lifetime warranty on all electrical panels, circuit breakers, and generator installations. This commitment to excellence also extends to labor, with all residential heavy-ups coming with a lifetime warranty on both the panel board and circuit breakers.

The Heavy-Up Process Explained:

  1. Initial Contact: Contact Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. to discuss your electrical concerns. After a thorough analysis, you’ll receive a FREE estimate, clarifying if a heavy-up is your best solution.
  2. Acceptance & Beginning: The journey to an enhanced electrical system begins once you agree to the proposed estimate.
  3. Permit Acquisition: Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. will pull an electrical permit, a crucial step that allows the county to oversee and ensure the work is done correctly and safely.
  4. Heavy-Up Execution: The upgrade takes around 7-8 hours. Be prepared for a power shutdown for about half that time to ensure safe work conditions.
  5. Inspection Time: An authorized inspector from the jurisdiction checks the completed work for compliance with safety standards.
  6. Notification & Approval: Once the inspection is successful, Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. notifies the power company, PEPCO, about the upgrade. The inspector also sends relevant details to PEPCO to grant permission for the final connections.
  7. PEPCO’s Role: PEPCO then provides a work request number and conducts a site check. They will ensure everything is set for the final connections. This phase takes them around 30 to 90 days.
  8. Final Touches: PEPCO will then carry out the last connections to your meter and service weather head.

And voilà, your electrical service is now upgraded!

As our dependency on various electronic devices grows, so does the need for robust electrical systems. Meyer Electrical Services, Inc., with its highly rated expertise in Bethesda, MD, ensures you’re equipped with an upgraded, efficient, and safe system tailored to your needs. So, if you find your home or business straining under its current setup, remember that an electrical upgrade might be just the solution you need!