Written by Walt Meyer

Reliable Power Solutions: Generator Installation and Maintenance

The importance of a reliable power supply in our daily lives cannot be overstated. From running essential household appliances to ensuring the functionality of medical equipment, electricity is fundamental. Meyer Electrical Services, Inc., based in Bethesda, MD, recognizes this necessity and offers expert generator installation and maintenance services to ensure your life remains uninterrupted, even during power outages.

The Necessity of Backup Power

Imagine a scenario where you lose electricity: no air conditioning or heating, daily chores like cooking and laundry become impossible, and communication with the outside world is cut off. For those with special needs or reliant on medical equipment, this situation can be critical. This is where Meyer Electrical Services steps in, providing a product and peace of mind for your family with professional generator installations.

Kohler Generators: The Ideal Choice

We offer Kohler generators, ranging from 12kW to 60kW models, suitable for residential and small business applications. These generators are quiet, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, often paying for themselves during a single power outage. Specifically designed for extended generator use, Kohler generators provide clean and steady power, ensuring the safety of your electronic devices.

Customized Power Solutions

At Meyer Electrical Services, we understand that every household’s needs are unique. Whether you need basic circuits or your entire home powered, we assist in determining the right power solution for you. Our services include a thorough installation process and regular preventative maintenance per the installation contract.

Certified and Experienced Service

As an authorized Kohler Dealer and certified in diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs, we adhere to Kohler’s strict guidelines. This ensures that your generator’s warranty remains valid. We are fully licensed and insured, using only the best products for all electrical component installations. Our turnkey installations are performed neatly and professionally, ensuring a complete project from start to finish.

Kohler OnCue Monitoring System

Each installation comes with the OnCue Monitoring System, allowing you to monitor your generator remotely and receive customized notifications. This system provides added convenience and always informs you about your generator’s status.

How Our Generators Work

Our generators are designed for efficiency and ease of use. The generator automatically turns on within seconds of a power outage, providing your home with consistent electricity. The system seamlessly transitions back once the utility power returns, ensuring continuous power without any manual intervention.

Comprehensive Installation and Maintenance Services

Our services extend beyond installation. We provide a standard 5-Year Kohler Warranty and handle all aspects of the setup, including permit applications, foundation installation, utility consultation, and custom installation of all gas and electrical components. We pride ourselves on leaving your property cleaner than we found, with a commitment to protecting your landscaping during installation.

Preventative Maintenance for Longevity

Meyer Electrical Services offers a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure your generator is always in top condition. This includes routine checks and replacements as necessary, ensuring your generator is ready when you need it most.

Meyer Electrical Services, Inc. is your trusted partner for ensuring uninterrupted power in your home or business. Our team of experts, combined with top-quality Kohler generators, provides a solution you can rely on. Contact us today for more information about our generator installation and preventative maintenance services, and experience peace of mind with a reliable power backup system.