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Written by Walt Meyer

How to Make Your Home Safer for Electrical Safety Month

May means National Electrical Safety Month every year. Organizations like Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) take the opportunity to raise awareness regarding electrical hazards and their prevention.

Home fires and electrical shock can be prevented by understanding and following safe practices for electricity use. ESFI found that approximately 35,000 residential fires, more than 500 deaths, 1,130 injuries, and about $1.4 billion in property damage occur annually due to electrical problems.

Awareness of electrical hazards will significantly decrease the injuries and fatalities caused by electrically-caused home fires. The following covers a list of safety tips ESFI and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) provided to make your home safer.

Safety Tips

  • Check for cracking and fraying of electric cords. Damaged cords should be replaced immediately.
  • Remember, extension cords are intended to be temporary; they are not intended as permanent household wiring.
  • Never run electric cords underneath rugs or carpets or rugs. They should not be tacked onto the floor and walls.
  • Electric appliances and tools should always be kept at least six feet from the water. When an electrical device or tool has fallen into the water, please do not attempt to retrieve or unplug it. You must first turn off the power at the breaker beforehand.
  • Electric outlets should not be overloaded. Only an electric plug should be inserted into an outlet. Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs) or outlet covers should be used to protect children.
  • Always work with a licensed electrician if you notice flickering lights, frequently tripping circuit breakers, broken outlets, or worn-out and defective wiring.  

Following the above safety tips will help make your home safer for Electrical Safety Month this May.

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