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Written by Walt Meyer

Get a Licensed Electrician to Upgrade Your Air Conditioning – Part 1

Maryland can get hot and muggy during summer. You may have considered buying a new HVAC (home ventilation/air conditioning) unit to upgrade your air conditioning. Still, you did not know how to get started or what to prioritize.

HVAC units are terrific for regulating your home’s temperature. Purchasing one is a significant investment, so you must ensure a professional safely and correctly installs them. This is why working with an experienced licensed electrician is a must, as discussed in the tips below.

1) Get An Evaluation

The first step for upgrading your air conditioning is scheduling a comprehensive wiring evaluation of your home by a licensed electrician. This professional will verify your house’s level of electrical service and find out if another circuit can be added to your service panel. If the service is adequate, but your service panel is complete, your electrician will likely be able to install a subpanel for the HVAC circuit.

A licensed electrician will also check the condition of your electrical system is ready for a new HVAC. This means inspecting wiring and connections. For example, a loose connection can lead to a voltage drop when an AC compressor activates, which can dim lighting in your home.

2) Right HVAC Unit Size

By considering the size and space of your house, you can correctly select the type of HVAC unit most suitable for meeting your family’s cooling needs. We recommend working with a licensed electrician before deciding on a team so you don’t waste time and money.

A too-large unit means you have spent more money on capabilities you did not need. If you buy an HVAC unit that is not big enough, you may run the air conditioning constantly to cool your home. Utility bills will be higher, and the HVAC’s service life will be shorter.

Part 2 will discuss why you should work with a licensed electrician.

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