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Written by Walt Meyer

Four Fun Home Electrical Summer Projects

Summer has just arrived, so make the most of this season by doing these four fun electrical projects to improve your home.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans will help make your home stay more relaxed. This can reduce both your air conditioning needs and your electricity bill. Ceiling fans come in various colors, materials, and styles, so each area where one is installed can create or match a theme.

Light Dimmers

If you want to set the stage for a romantic dinner, install dimmers in your dining room to establish the mood. The same can be done in your bedroom; the soft lighting will help you feel sleepy before bed. Your entertainment area can also benefit because you can dim the lights enough to enjoy a movie or get up safely to grab some popcorn out of the microwave in the kitchen.

Outdoor Lighting

Sunset should not mean the fun ends. An outdoor lighting upgrade will let you enjoy your patio and backyard summer evenings. Lighting can also accentuate the beauty of your home’s architecture and landscaping, helping raise resale value. Night safety and security are also improved with properly installed lights around your property.

Track & Recessed Lighting

Just like the light dimmers discussed above, track lighting and recessed lighting are two terrific indoor lighting upgrades that help you change the atmosphere of a room with a flick of a switch. Track lighting is a relatively fast and affordable upgrade you can do during the summer. Recessed lighting must be installed and flush with your ceiling’s surface. In any case, track and recessed lighting will allow you to select soft or bright lighting for an occasion.  

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