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Written by Walt Meyer

Everything You Need to Know About Gas Meter Upgrades and Split-Meter Systems in Bethesda, MD

Natural gas-powered generators are becoming increasingly popular in Bethesda, MD. They offer an efficient and sustainable source of energy. However, they can consume a significant volume of gas, particularly when running at total capacity. This makes assessing the gas meter’s capability at your residence imperative. This article discusses why you might need a gas meter upgrade and the steps involved in adding or replacing natural gas appliances.

Why You Might Need a Gas Meter Upgrade

Natural gas generators use a considerable volume of gas when operating. Your gas meter must have the capacity to handle the generator and other household appliances. Meters come with a plate that lists their ability in cubic feet per hour. To determine if your meter can handle the load, you’ll need to sum up the BTUs of all existing gas appliances and add the consumption of the new generator. If your current meter falls short, it might be time for a gas meter upgrade.

Steps to Add or Replace Natural Gas Appliances

  1. Verify Total BTU Input Rating: The first step is to tally up the BTU ratings for all existing gas appliances and the new generator.
  2. Check Manufacturer’s Gas Pressure Requirements: Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended gas pressure for the new generator.
  3. Contact Washington Gas: They can provide information on whether your service line capacity and gas pressure are sufficient.
  4. Consider a Split-Meter System: If your existing system isn’t up to par, a split-meter system might be the way to go.
  5. Submit Added Load/Split-Meter Request Form: This will initiate installation.

What is a Split-Meter System?

A split-meter system is a specialized setup where Washington Gas installs a new meter and two regulators. This provides different pressure levels to new and existing appliances, making it a viable solution for homes that add high-capacity gas generators.

Why Opt for a Split-Meter System?

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: It can be cheaper to install new gas piping from a split meter than to modify the existing house piping system.
  2. Improved Load Handling: A split-meter system is ideal if the existing low-pressure piping system cannot handle the additional load of a new appliance.
  3. Higher Gas Pressure Requirements: Certain gas generators require higher pressure that can only be delivered by a split-meter system.

Natural gas generators are an excellent backup power source but can necessitate changes to your existing gas meter and piping systems. If you’re considering adding a high-volume gas appliance like a generator, consult experts like Meyer Electrical for a seamless installation experience. From assessing the BTU requirements to recommending and installing split-meter systems, Meyer Electrical has you covered.

Contact Meyer Electrical today if you’re in Bethesda, MD, or surrounding areas and need a gas meter upgrade. We provide end-to-end services to make your transition to a more robust natural gas setup as smooth as possible.