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Written by Walt Meyer

Consider Upgrading Your Electrical Panel for Summer – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, symptoms indicate your home may need an electrical panel upgrade. However, this will not necessarily mean replacing your entire electrical system or panel. Part 2 will discuss three electrical upgrade options for your home.

1) Individual Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker can wear out faster than its anticipated service life and will need to be replaced. An overloaded circuit, damage from power surges, and ground faults often cause this. A licensed electrician can easily find breakers requiring replacement and diagnose why they are prematurely worn out.

2) Electrical Panel Replacement

Over time, your home’s electrical panel may have experienced damage and need to be replaced. This may not require upgrading the electrical service to power your home. Important control components in your electrical may now be faulty, affecting all the circuit breakers. In addition, there may be scorching inside the panel, which indicates dangerous arcing. Wiring within the forum and individual breakers may show signs of burning or melting. The above symptoms can be hazardous, leading to severe injuries or a deadly fire.

3) Upgrade Electrical Service

Most American houses constructed in the 1990s featured only a 100-amp service. Back then, there were fewer consumer electronics, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Televisions were also typically smaller, as were significant appliances. Nowadays, a single household can have several of each.

Addressing the modern power demands of an older home will mean upgrading to today’s commonplace 200-amp service. This will require upgrading the service to your home and its electrical panel and circuits to distribute the additional power safely and effectively.

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