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Written by Walt Meyer

Basics of Electrical Code for Homeowners – Part 2

Part 2 will cover Three Examples of Common Electrical Tasks. Technical guidance discussing the examples below is covered in the National Electrical Code.

Example 1 – Junction Boxes

As electrical codes require, every wire connection and cable splice must be housed in an approved plastic or metal box. It is not permitted to bury a box within a wall. A junction box, such as drywall or paneling, cannot be hidden beneath a finished surface.

All residential junction boxes must be accessible. This protects homes from potential fire hazards. In addition, convenient access to junction boxes eases the inspection and upgrade of your home’s wiring.

As determined by their intended usage and location, junction boxes will vary by size and materials. For example, the size of a junction box used for installing one electrical outlet on an existing electrical circuit will be determined by how many electrical wires will enter the box. More wires will require more space to be safely housed inside a junction box.

Example 2 – Electrical Outlets

Many homeowners take on the task of replacing or adding an electrical outlet. Although both tasks are not very difficult, doing them improperly can create a potentially deadly fire hazard or electrical shock.

Example 3 – Connecting Multiple Wires

Never attach more than a single wire to a terminal. Electrical codes prohibit doing so, and it is unsafe because terminal screws are made to secure just one wire.

A simpler way to join multiple wires to a terminal is to cut a short section of wire about four inches in length, stripping both ends, then splice it to the other wires, forming a pigtail.

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