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Written by Walt Meyer

Solid Advice for Electrical Safety During Winter

Winter is the most hazardous of all seasons at home. In addition to higher casualty rates from carbon monoxide, house fires kill and injure more victims during this season. Below is solid advice regarding electrical safety for your family and home during winter. Consult with a licensed electrician for the best results.

1) Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The winter months are an especially deadly period for carbon monoxide poisoning. The cold leads to more usage of the typical fuels for heating such as coal, wood, or natural gas. Ensure your family’s safety through the proper installation of carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

2) Electric Blankets

Do not ever use an electric blanket while you are asleep. There may be electrical hazards present because a sleeping blanket may have damaged or worn out areas, or exposing wiring. These can be caused by wear and tear, abuse, or even a pet.

3) Emergency Generators

A severe winter storm can cause an extended power outage. When temperatures are below freezing, you do not want to be without electricity and unable to heat your home.
One option is a portable generator outside the home that uses a dedicated circuit installed by a licensed electrician. A better choice is a permanently installed emergency standby generator that turns on automatically when electricity from the utility is cut.

4) Space Heaters

There should be at least four feet between a space heater and drapes, clothes, furniture, or anything flammable. Space heaters should never be left on their own. Do not use the dangerous practice of using an extension cord to power a space heater.

5) Wattage and Wall Outlets

Winter days can get dark, but always use recommended wattage for light fixtures. Prevent creating electrical fire hazards by not overloading wall outlets. Always use three-prong wall outlets for plugging in three-prong cords. Finally, using an extension cord to provide electricity to electrical devices or appliances should always be temporary, never a long-term solution. Installing additional wall outlets is a much safer choice for your family.

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