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Written by Walt Meyer

Get Ready for Your Home’s Electrical Upgrade

Modern homes have much greater electrical capabilities than older homes. Unfortunately, older homes with outdated electrical wiring are incapable of powering today’s modern devices. Before hiring a licensed electrician for a wiring project, it’s wise to spend time considering which rooms need improvements and what the scope of the work will be.

How to Prepare for Electrical Upgrade

The addition of another outlet in a bathroom for a blow dryer should not present a big problem. However, an electrical wiring project of a considerable size will significantly increase the load of a home’s main electrical service. Experts estimate that in almost 25% of houses, an upgrade of the electrical service will be required to allow the installation of additional wiring.

The best approach is ensuring there will be adequate electrical power for both present and future requirements. During your consultation with a licensed electrician, consider not only what appliances and devices need power today, but also think about the numerous additions that may come in the future that will also need power. You need to also keep in mind the addition to your home you were planning, which will also need power.

Bring Up Your Home to Standard

If you own an older home, performing an electrical upgrade may be required as a safety precaution. When its wires were installed several decades ago, the electrical requirements of an average household were much less. Older homes were often service rated for 60 amps or less. The standard now is 200 amps. In addition, older houses typically did not have their outlets grounded. They also do not have an adequate amount of outlets for powering devices used in a modern home.

Consequently, adapters for three-pronged devices, power strips, and extension cords are increasingly being used to compensate. Unfortunately, overuse and/or misuse of these devices can result in a deadly fire hazard. The addition of electrical outlets not only makes life more convenient, but it will also promote safety.

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