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Written by Walt Meyer

Basics for Safer Outdoor Electrical Outlets – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, spring is now here, and your family will be spending more time outside. It’s time to catch up on the basics of safer outdoor electrical outlets to protect your home and loved ones.  Part 2 will discuss more tips for improving their safety.

2) Upgrade Outlets of Older Homes

Older homes typically need upgrading to outdoor GFCI outlets. Homeowners need to address this situation as soon as possible for safety.

3) Use Proper Extension Cords

Extension cords designed for indoors should not be used outdoors because they cannot cope with the outdoor environment. In addition, they often are not rated for meeting the electrical capacity needs of power tools, lawn machines, and holiday lighting.

4) Prevent Potential Problems

Inspect wires and extension cords and clear any tangles, look for cuts and fraying, and avoid running them around walkways and trees where they can get easily damaged.

5) Avoid Installing Outlets in Wet Areas

Obvious wet areas to avoid installing outlets are the spaces next to fountains, pools, ponds, and streams. Other areas to avoid are areas of your property that are prone to flooding.

6) Do Not Overload

Do not overload outdoor outlets and extension cords beyond their rated electrical capacity. It is far better to spend money to install another outlet or buy an extension cord designed for the outdoors than risk an electrical fire.

7) Keep Outlets Clean

By installing outlet covers, you can keep your outdoor outlets clean of debris, grass clippings, and insects.

8) Do Not Use Electrical Tools in Bad Weather

Like having to get out of your pool at the first sign of a storm, you should stop using electrical devices and tools outdoors at the first sign of rain, thunder or lightning.

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