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Written by Walt Meyer

Why Seniors Need Standby Generators for Their Care

After a major power outage, it may take hours, even days, until the utility can restore electricity. For homes with seniors, having a standby generator available ensures they remain comfortable and their medical care is not impacted when power is lost.

In contrast to portable generators, standby generators can turn on and off automatically. They also run on propane or natural gas, so dangerous refueling is not required. A Kohler generator fueled by propane from a 500 gallon tank can run 24 hours a day for about a week.

Extended Power Outages

When there is a large storm that takes down power lines or a utility outage caused by a blackout, electricity for essential appliances and medical equipment will be rendered inoperable for the elderly that rely upon them.

According the U.S. government, the typical American home may be affected by just one or two power outages annually that last around three hours. However, there are occasionally extended periods of power loss due to major storms in Maryland.

On June 29 2012, a series of thunderstorms with hurricane-force winds swooped down from Iowa to the Mid-Atlantic region, disrupting power to 3.8 million people in Washington, D.C. and 10 states, including Maryland.

From October 29 to 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the eastern United States, cutting electricity to an estimated 8 million people. The Category 1 hurricane left residents of nine states, including Maryland, without power for several days.

Medical Devices

Major electrical outages should bring home the importance of a standby home generator for homeowners who need uninterrupted power to take care of seniors. Make a list of all the medical devices that require electricity in your home. CPAP devices, infusion pumps, and oxygen generators are examples.

Keeping Cool, Safe, and Warm

Refrigerating medicine may be essential for some seniors. Items that promote safety also needing power include hospital beds and lift chairs. If you live in a region that experiences summer and winter, you may need to power an HVAC system that will keep the elderly cool or warm. 

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