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Written by Walt Meyer

Get Your House Electrically Ready for Winter

Winter is just around the corner with severe storms and colder conditions on their way. Homeowners should not wait until a blizzard covers your yard with snow to get ready for the wintry conditions of the toughest season. Below are three basic things you can do to get your house electrically ready for winter.

Ceiling Fan Reversal

Most people think of their ceiling fans as an easy and cost effective way to keep areas of a home cool during warmer days. However, ceiling fans can play an important part in your overall heating strategy for the colder months.

Set the switch on your ceiling fans so that they draw air toward the ceiling, allowing a more even distribution of heating to areas of your house. Ceiling fan reversals not only improve the efficiency of your heating system, they will also save money on your utility bills.

LED Lighting

Although it seems obvious, one obvious aspect of winter is that there will be much less daylight. Longer periods of darkness will result in heavier use of lighting with the resulting larger utility bill. However, planning ahead will let you conserve electricity and save money.

LED light bulbs not only last much longer than outdated incandescent bulbs, they are designed to use much less energy. Install them indoors and in the fixtures that light your house’s outdoor areas and you will reduce electrical costs.

Standby Generator

When your power gets knocked out over the summer, the worst case scenario is maybe a hotter day or night and having to barbecue to cook dinner. A power outage during the winter has the potential to be much more serious and hazardous. Temperatures at night can fall well below freezing, and people who are sick or elderly may not be able to handle the cold.

Install a standby generator that will be ready to provide power to your home a few moments after the electricity from the utility is shut off. Once the utility is up and running again, the generator automatically stands down.

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