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Written by Walt Meyer

The Benefits of Installing Home Ventilation Fans

Exhaust fans can help spaces in a home feel more comfortable, healthy, and pleasant. However, they require proper installation to be effective. When installed or vented outdoors improperly, exhaust fans may not sufficiently remove fumes and moisture.

Why Exhaust Fans Are Important

A home’s indoor air quality depends on proper venting for protection against mildew and mold. Some people are allergic to mold spores, and their health can be severely affected in homes that are inadequately ventilated. The benefits of installing exhaust fans are summarized below.


  • Improvement of indoor air quality and comfort. Exhaust fans can quickly remove bathroom odors, cooking smells, and smoke.
  • Exhaust fans vent moisture and humidity from bathrooms, minimizing the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Easing kitchen cleaning by the venting of cooking particles and grease carried by air to the outside.
  • Prevention of damage to a home’s floors, furniture, paint, wood, wallpaper, and walls from excessive moisture in the environment.

Home Areas Recommended for Exhaust Fan Installation

The following discusses the various areas in a house where an exhaust fan is required or recommended for installation.

Attic – Exhaust fans in the attic will help keep them from feeling stuffy while lowering the temperature in the summer. They can also inhibit the growth of mold that can damage belongings and prevent wood rot from harming furniture and floors.

Bathroom – Bathroom exhaust fans remove both odors and moisture from a bathroom. This will prevent mirrors from fogging and allowing heat to build up. The venting of humidity and moisture from a bathroom will result in inhibiting mold growth and damage to wallpaper and paint.

Garage – Garage exhaust fans remove toxic and dangerous gases from the exhaust produced by cars, lawn mowers, and motorcycles. Hazardous fumes that come from chemicals, gasoline, paint, and tires stored in a garage are also vented. The interior temperature of a garage can also be lowered by an exhaust fan during the warmer months.

Kitchen – A kitchen exhaust fan is needed for the removal of cooking smells, grease, heat, natural gas fumes, and smoke. Using an exhaust fan in the kitchen that properly vents outdoors can also decrease the use of air conditioning, conserving energy.

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