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Written by Walt Meyer

The Benefits of Installing Home Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans will make a terrific new addition to your home. Not only do they provide comfort, they are an attractive feature that improves a room’s appearance. An experienced licensed electrician will make their installation safe, efficient, and trouble-free. The following lists several benefits from installing home ceiling fans.

Summer Energy Saver

During summer, ceiling fans can save energy by allowing you to set the thermostat at a higher temperature. They can decrease electric bills from 30% to 40%. Although a ceiling fan does not lower a room’s temperature, its draft will make a space feel cooler.


Ceiling fans push air, creating a cooler current of air that makes people feel more comfortable. In addition, they circulate a room’s air, decreasing humidity and staleness. Homes with large bathrooms or powder rooms often have ceiling fans installed, along with exhaust fans, increasing circulation.

Winter Energy Saver

During the winter, heated air rises to the ceiling and stays there. Most homeowners do not know that ceiling fans can circulate warm air during fall and winter. Reversing the direction of the ceiling fan rotation will circulate this warm air downward without creating a draft, allowing heating systems to work more efficiently at a lower setting.


The majority of ceiling fans also have a lighting fixture. For those that do not, an electrician can add a lighting kit. A ceiling fan with a large light can be the primary source of illumination for a large room. Lighted ceiling fans can also provide layered lighting to rooms for an intended design effect.


A plethora of styles in ceiling fans allows homeowners to make a selection based on their individual preferences. A ceiling fan can be used to make a bold statement as the centerpiece of a room. In addition, various combinations of features, sizes, blade materials, number of blades, and finishes are available.

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