Written by Walt Meyer

The Advantages of Electric Baseboard Heaters – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, homeowners who rely solely on a central heating system during the colder months will have higher utility bills. Using supplemental heating is one way to lower costs, and there are various kinds of heaters that can implement this strategy. One type that should be strongly considered is the electric baseboard heater. Part 2 will cover the overall advantages of electric baseboard heaters.

Decreased Utility Bills

Perhaps the greatest advantage of baseboard heaters is decreasing your utility bills. The cooler temperatures of fall and winter will naturally result in greater home energy consumption to maintain comfortable temperatures. When you rely on central heating, you will also be keeping rooms warm that are usually unoccupied. Some homeowners will use portable space heaters to heat particular areas, but they are prone to accidents and can be unsafe. The smarter alternative is a baseboard heater professionally installed by an electrician. You will save money in the long run.

Ease of Installation

If you are looking for supplemental heating, baseboard heaters are far easier to install than most other permanent heating systems. Your home may need more than one, and a skilled electrician will be able to handle multiple installations in several hours.

Naturally Colder Areas Heated

This may seem obvious, but some rooms are harder to heat than others. Garages and basements immediately come to mind because they are not as well insulated from cold air. Baseboard heaters will do the job in both places, and they will be easier and less costly to install than other systems. As heating will only be needed occasionally, using a system that is energy efficient is ideal.

Supplemental Heating

Older homes are typically dependent on outdated central heating systems that haven’t been upgraded. Their age is exposed when temperatures are around freezing or below. If your old furnace isn’t generating enough heat on those winter days, installing a baseboard heater in every room that is often used by your family is a great supplemental heating strategy. Wearing extra sweaters and using blankets will no longer be necessary!

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