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Written by Walt Meyer

Signs Your Home Should Upgrade Electrical System – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, upgrading the electrical system of your home will help protect you and your family from deadly electrical fires caused by overloaded circuits. Part 2 will discuss Indicators Upgrades Are Required, Benefits of Electrical Upgrades, and Dangers of DIY Electrical.

Indicators Upgrades Are Required

Below is a summary of the three primary indicators that a home’s electrical system requires upgrades.

  1. Circuit breakers are frequently tripping.
  2. Lights flicker and dim when large appliances are turned on.
  3. Power strips and extension cords are needed to supply electricity in some areas.

If your house has an electrical panel older than the typical service life of 25 to 40 years, it should be considered for replacement. When they reach a certain age, electrical panels can be in bad shape and may have faulty breakers that fail to trip.

If you are installing new modern appliances, an HVAC unit, or a spa or hot tub, your home may require an electrical panel upgrade to be able to safely handle the jump in electrical demand.

Benefits of Electrical Upgrades

The most important benefit from an electrical upgrade is making your home safer by preventing the fire hazards that result from overloaded circuits. The peace of mind from protecting your family is priceless. Modern appliances that draw more electricity can be used safely. Expensive electronics like entertainment systems and computers are less vulnerable from harmful surges. Finally, your home will have a greater resale value because it has an upgraded electrical system that will meet code.

Dangers of DIY Electrical

The average homeowner should never think about doing their own electrical upgrades. Improperly installed wiring can be extremely hazardous and will be costly to replace or repair. Always work with a local licensed electrician who is reputable and experienced for safety and the best results.

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