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Written by Walt Meyer

Rewire Your Home for Safety and Greater Capacity – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, replacing your home’s wiring will be an extensive project, but it is often necessary to ensure your family’s safety. Upgrading the wiring of your house may also be necessary because insurance carriers refuse to provide coverage because of unsafe wiring. Part 2 will cover Warning Signs, Aluminum Wiring, and Increasing Capacity.

Warning Signs

Many homeowners have no idea when their house’s electrical system received its last inspection. The inspection fee paid to a licensed electrician will be well worth the peace of mind if you’ve been experiencing these warning signs:

• Constant burning smell from an appliance
• Frequently tripping breakers and blown fuses
• Lights flicker or dim regularly
• Outlets feel warm, look discolored, or occasionally spark
• Touching an appliance causes a tingling sensation

Having numerous two-prong ungrounded outlets throughout your home may also compromise safety. Kitchens and bathrooms, areas where water is present, that are not equipped with GFCI outlets are also unsafe.

Aluminum Wiring

In numerous homes constructed during the 1960s and early 1970s, aluminum wiring was installed rather than standard copper wiring. This was eventually considered to be a hazard because aluminum wiring connections often became loose as time passes. This can result in overheating and potentially cause a fire at outlets where appliances are plugged. A safety inspection can verify whether or not aluminum wiring needs to be replaced immediately to ensure the safety of residents.

Increasing Capacity

60 amps were once considered the standard capacity for electrical power needed by each household. Nowadays, 200 amps are usually needed to adequately provide electricity for air conditioning, large flat-TV screens, computer equipment and peripherals, and numerous devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Not having sufficient electricity is certainly inconvenient, but it may also harm sensitive electronic equipment. Such devices may suffer damage when voltage suddenly drops. In addition, a shortage of outlets may force residents to use extension cords and power strips, which may result in safety issues. 

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