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Written by Walt Meyer

Pre-Winter Electrical Wiring Checkup

Winter is coming with another joyous holiday season, but the weather tends to contribute to more hazardous electrical issues. During the colder months, there are typically more electrical fires due to the increased use of space heaters and electronic devices.

It would be wise to request a local licensed electrician perform a safety inspection of your home during the first three weeks of December to protect your family and property from the wiring problems discussed below.

Overloading Circuits

Perhaps the most serious impact of winter on homes is the substantial increase of the electrical load caused by holiday lights, decorations and electric heating. Although your home looks spectacular from the twinkling of many colorful lights, this can lead to circuits overloading, resulting in an electrical fire.

Ensure your home’s electrical system can safely handle the additional demand of holiday lighting before decorating. Have a licensed electrician perform a pre-winter safety inspection to keep your home and family safe.

Frayed Wires

All year round, frayed wires can cause serious issues, making a home’s electrical system unsafe. It is a good precaution to have your house’s wiring inspected before temperatures fall. Also ask for a check of the wiring of appliances, including portable space heaters that warm specific areas.

If they are ignored, frayed wires may cause a fire in your home and endanger your family. One faulty wire has the potential to generate an electrical spark that starts a fire that destroys an entire home. All wiring inspections should be handled by a professional licensed electrician.

Outdoor Wiring

Your home may have outdoor electrical wiring exposed to the elements. If so, ask a professional electrician to determine if they are in good condition and properly protected prior to severe winter weather. Snow and ice can significantly impact outdoor wiring, resulting in damage or the loss of power at your home.

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