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Written by Walt Meyer

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With a Licensed Electrician – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, an experienced licensed electrician knows about cost-effective methods to decrease how much electricity a home consumes. The first step is getting this professional to perform an energy audit and make recommendations. Part 2 will discuss electricity saving tips for your home.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Even though buying new appliances with the Energy Star seal can take a big bite out of a family’s budget, using them will save money because they are much more energy efficient than older units, which can use up to twice as much electricity. The monthly savings in utility bills will eventually make up for the initial expense.

Lighting Upgrades

Making an easy transition from outdated incandescent and fluorescent lighting to CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and LED (light emitting diode) bulbs will save a significant amount of electricity. Although CFL and LED bulbs are more costly, they have a much longer lifespan and will save money in the long run.

Installing dimmer switches will give you more control and also conserve electricity. You can also save money by installing lighting motion sensors for rooms in your home and security lighting outside.

Heating and Air Conditioning

As an HVAC (hearing/ventilation/air conditioning) unit represents a large portion of your electrical bill, especially during summers and winters, a qualified technician should service it every three months to make sure it is functioning efficiently. Filters should also be replaced every 30 days for optimal performance.

Smart Thermostat

New smart thermostats are designed to function independently whether you are at home or away. Along with being time programmable, they are capable of making the appropriate temperature adjustments automatically based on “learning” from the data gathered from the past thermostat settings of your family.

Washers and Refrigerators

Good energy-saving tips for washing machines include avoiding the hot water setting and always doing full loads. Refrigerators can consume an enormous amount of energy, so do not use an excessively cold temperature setting and make sure the seals of their doors are airtight.

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