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Written by Walt Meyer

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With a Licensed Electrician – Part 1

With the growth of energy-conserving products, today’s homeowners are becoming increasingly aware how to make their houses more energy efficient. Both the environment and the household budget will benefit from using less energy every day at home, especially during winters and summers.

Reasons for Working With a Licensed Electrician

An experienced electrician typically knows about cost-effective methods that will decrease how much electricity a home consumes. Less electrical use means lower bills from the local utility.

Glance around your house and count how many things are plugged into electrical outlets. You will probably see several mobile devices charging, along with appliances, computers, electronics, and printers. Even if unused, anything plugged into an outlet and turned on is using electricity.

A licensed electrician can inspect your home then provide an energy audit showing your electrical usage. The audit will show how much electricity is being consumed and which items can be turned off or unplugged to decrease energy usage. For example, turning off the power strip that provides power to your television can save money, especially if there are video game consoles, a music player, and speakers also plugged in.

An older home might save a significant amount of energy after a wiring upgrade. In addition to being a possible fire hazard, faulty and outdated wiring can result in electrical leaks, which raises your utility bills. A licensed electrician will be able to perform a thorough inspection to properly evaluate the condition of electrical wiring in your home.

If your utility bills have been rising significantly, work with an electrician who can help you get them under control by lowering energy usage at your home. An energy-efficient home will let you have an equivalent level of service, but at a decreased cost.

Part 2 will discuss electricity saving tips for your home.

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