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Written by Walt Meyer

Install Electric Floor Heating for Luxury Bathroom Remodel – Part 1

The installation of electric floor heating (EFH) in your bathroom will be a solid investment as it’s a very desirable luxury feature, especially in regions that experience extreme winters. A perfect time to install one is in late winter or early spring when contractors are usually more available.

Two Types of Electric Floor Heating

One of the two main types of electric floor heating should be able to serve your home well. The first is called electric radiant, which uses electrical current applied to a heating element. The second is hydronic, which uses heated water flowing through a complex tubing system.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, which is dependent on the number of areas where EFH will be installed.  If this system is for the whole house, a hydronic system will be more advantageous. However, if it will be only for the bathroom, the electric radiant system will be best because installation will be both less costly and complicated for a smaller space. This article will focus on electric radiant heating from this point.

Electric Radiant Heating (ERH)

The installation of ERH will require both a licensed electrician and an expert tile installer. Their efforts must be coordinated for the laying of heating cables that are interlaced with mesh mats. The system will then be sandwiched by layers of thin set and covered under natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, which are great conductors of heat. So thin are the cables that the height difference between floors with ERH and those without it cannot be discerned.

An ERH system will be connected to an electronic control that utilizes a thermostat. Although the suite of controls will be different for each manufacturer, a feature that will be indispensable is a programmable timer. The bathroom floors will start warming up before your alarm clock goes off!

Part 2 will cover Safety Features, Costs of EFH, and Higher Home Resale Value.

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