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Written by Walt Meyer

Hire a Licensed Electrician for Springtime Electrical Projects

Local requirements and the National Electrical Code lay out the materials specifications and guidelines for projects involving power outdoors. Professional electricians are knowledgeable about these regulations, and sometimes a permit is needed for exterior electrical projects.

Since outdoor wiring will be exposed to wide temperature ranges and wet conditions, proper materials need to be utilized. When indoor cable fittings, fixtures, and switches are used in outdoor areas, they have the tendency to wear out sooner and may eventually become an electrical hazard.

Importance of using a Licensed Electrician

When you are planning a major exterior project on your property, it is smart to work with a licensed electrician. A qualified professional will help ensure your project will be performed correctly, efficiently, and safely. The work will be done properly the first time, preventing future problems and headaches. The following are examples of exterior projects that will require considerable time, effort, and planning.

Deck, Stairway, Porch and Patio – A homeowner comfortable with DIY may be able to install a single simple lamp outside. For projects requiring several lights being placed in an elaborate arrangement, a licensed electrician should be given the assignment. A professional will be capable of installing lights and other electrical devices in compliance with local codes for outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area – Homeowners dreaming of a complete outdoor kitchen and dining area requiring appliances, electricity, gas, and water lines will need a licensed electrician. A qualified professional will be capable of ensuring the project will be done according to code. Trying to save money by compromising on the quality of the electrical work won’t be smart!

Spas and Pools – The installation of a hot tub, spa, or pool demands the joint efforts of a designer, electrician, landscaper, and pool contractor. Working as a team, they will ensure that the lighting fixtures surrounding the pool or spa area will comply with safety regulations as required by code. Permanent water installations like pools are very expensive, and so the last thing a homeowner wants to experience is being forced to repair electrical wiring that was improperly installed.

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