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Written by Walt Meyer

Guide to Upgrading Your Bathroom’s Lighting – Part 1

Upgrading your bathroom lighting will help make the area a pleasant place to relax while ensuring the room is safely lit. This project will involve a revamp of the lighting design with the help of a licensed professional electrician who will help you with the proper installation of electrical wiring and fixtures.


The typical purpose of ceiling lighting is to provide ambient light that will illuminate the entire bathroom’s space. Light from fixtures is reflected downward on our heads and the surfaces of the bathroom. If the light is too strong, the resulting shadows may be too stark on our faces. One way of getting more light directional control is by installing track lighting, which can be used for focusing on art work or other features you want to highlight.


As chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling, the light they provide is somewhat the same as ceiling lighting. The chief way they are different is that chandeliers are mainly for decoration, rather than function. A chandelier’s pendalogues and prisms will scatter light, so its decorative lighting is mostly intended to set a mood and support practical light sources. 


For residences that have kids and elderly, one way to improve the safety of the bathroom is the installation of nightlights. An increasing number of homeowners are choosing lights that are on timers set to stay on during the evening hours.  The electrical usage will be minimal because of their low wattage. Experts recommend installing them near the entrance, toilet, and sink to help people stay safe as they move around the bathroom.


For shaving or putting makeup on, it is best to have lighting provided at eye level. You will get the best lighting arrangement by installing theatrical lighting strips, which will have several light bulbs on both sides of a mirror. Another kind of wall lighting, decorative sconces,fs feature diffusers and lampshades that respectively soften and direct light. 

Part 2 will cover Types of Lights for your bathroom lighting upgrade.

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