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Written by Walt Meyer

Getting Your New Smart Home Wired – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, the chief advantage of living in a smart home is automation, and its foundation is structured wiring that an experienced and licensed electrical contractor must skillfully install. Part 2 will discuss Doors & Windows, Lighting, Safety, and Security.

Doors & Windows

Window and door solutions that allow them to be opened and closed automatically can be integrated with the smart home central control system. Windows, curtains, and blinds can be opened and closed automatically at a specific temperature or time. If an unexpected storm occurs, you can use your smartphone to remotely close open windows. The smart sensors can be installed in entrances, such as doors or garage doors, and will sound an alarm if they are opened for a long time.


Most of the wiring for a smart home lighting system is the same as that of standard lighting. The use of motion sensors and timers is what differentiates it from conventional lighting.

Sometimes light fixtures will require coordination with smart home components. To illustrate, motion sensors will turn on the lights as a car enters a driveway. Soon after, the garage’s interior lights will activate when the door opens.

A smartphone can also be used to control the activation of lights when you are on vacation. You can give would-be intruders the false impression that someone is in your house to increase security.


For the physically handicapped and the elderly, personal alarms provide a lifeline when they need it most, especially when they are by themselves in an emergency. If their physical condition prevents the victim from moving or seeking help, a portable personal alarm can be activated at the push of a button. This will activate a wireless alarm monitored by the smart home’s security system, which will automatically call a contact person.


There are two types of home alarm systems that have been common for many years –  audible or monitored. Usually, a smart phone is connected, while a PC monitors the alarm system. A wired alarm system is integrated with the power grid.

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