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Written by Walt Meyer

Get Your Home Electrically Ready for Fall

The warm days of summer are fading into the myriad colors of fall. Is your home ready for the colder weather ahead? The following gives homeowners an easy checklist to prepare their homes electrically for autumn.

Landscape Lighting

Fall evenings can be very pleasant outdoors, especially during Indian summer. You can make the exterior areas of your home more beautiful by installing landscape lighting. Adding lights will also improve security. An optional feature is the installation of heat lamps to add comfort when the fall nights turn chilly.

Emergency Backup Power

Homes in the Mid-Atlantic region will occasionally experience severe weather in the fall and winter months. Make sure your emergency power backup systems are running properly before the colder months arrive. If you are not prepared for power outages, consider installing a home standby generator before winter. This will ensure you and your family will have electricity almost immediately after a storm cuts utility power to your neighborhood.

GFCI Circuit Breakers & Outlets

For safety, check your outdoor GFCI outlets by pressing their test buttons. If they engage, they are working properly. Afterwards, press the reset button of each outlet or circuit breaker to restore power.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Warning of deadly hazards, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are essential safety devices that protect you and your family. Many deaths result from home fires that begin late at night or early morning when residents are asleep. Change the batteries of your detectors when recommended. Replace a detector if it is 10 years old or more with the newly-required units containing sealed-in, ten-year, long-life batteries..

Tree Branches and Power Lines

When high winds strike, tree branches can cause an outage by touching the power lines supplying electricity to your home. If you notice that tree branches are in contact with power lines near your home, call the utility so they will trim them at no charge to you.

Electrical Services You Can Trust

Founded in 1991 and serving Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., where we are licensed and insured, Meyer Electrical Services provides home and commercial electrical services you can trust, including:

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• Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
• Structured Cabling
• Circuit Breaker Replacement

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